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op Kuaizhou-series solid-fuel rockets in 2009 in hopes of prese▓nting a low-cost, quick-response rocket family to

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s launched three of the rockets锛峵wo Kuaizhou 1 models and one Kuaizhou 1A.In 2018, Sanjiang plans to launch four Kuaizhou 1A rockets

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within one week. Each will lift a remote-sensing satellite into orbit for a client. The missions are expected to set a world record for launch frequency for a single▓ model of carrier rocket, the company said.A new-generation rocket, the Kuaizhou 11, is being tested and will make its first flight next year, sending six ▓satellites into orbit, according to Sanjiang.The Kuaizhou 11 will


have a liftoff wei▓ght of 78 tons and will be capable of placing a payload of 1 metric ton into a s▓un-synchronous orbit at an altitude of


700 kilometers, or a 1.5-ton payload into a low-Earth orbit.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code


 to follow us on WechatNumerous Chinese technology corporations have embar▓ked on 鈥楪o Globalmarketing and sales campaigns to introduce th

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